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Written By: Elizabeth Arenivar-Kennedy

Contact: LinkedIn, Medium

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Fostering good leadership creates a sense of trust and loyalty in a team. Traditionally, when people think of leaders, they think of people in power and having influence. But the qualities of a great leader have more to do with leading people into the conversation and creating ideas. A good leader connects with their team by facilitating open communication, encouraging their team’s growth and development, giving feedback, and embracing feedback for themselves.

Establishing yourself as a good leader can bring about milestones of success in your team and…

Written By Elizabeth Arenivar-Kennedy

Contact: LinkedIn, Medium

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Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, a student, or someone taking steps to achieve a goal, we all want to be productive and manage to create a state of flow. A flow state is an altered trance-like state of total and natural concentration. The greatest music, sports, medicine, and business performers engage in these practices and are fully immersed with an almost effortless concentration in a demanding task.

Others may call a flow state “being in the zone.” Benefits include subjective well-being, satisfaction, and general happiness…

By: Elizabeth Arenivar-Kennedy

Contact: LinkedIn, Medium

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Switch your mindset change your life.

There are two different mindsets you can cultivate. One embraces the challenges you face in life as opportunities to learn, while others avoid them due to the fear of failure. People who avoid conflict and taking risks to pursue a goal have a fixed mindset. People who see their obstacles as an opportunity to learn have a growth mindset.

In a book written by Carol Dweck called “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” Dweck writes an insightful inquiry into the power of people’s beliefs, the conscious and unconscious…

Written by Elizabeth Arenivar-Kennedy

Contact: LinkedIn, Medium

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Brand loyalty is the key to a viable business. The more a consumer resonates with your brand, the more likely they will come back to you again and tell others about your company.

If you have a misstep or create a poor customer experience, it can ruin your brand. As a business owner or marketer, a brand’s reputation should be at the front of every decision you make.

Think of brands that have significant loyalty, like Disney, Sony, or Apple. Take Disney, for example, the leader in clean…

By: Elizabeth Arenivar-Kennedy

Contact: LinkedIn, Medium

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

It is 2021, and digital marketing is constantly evolving into new trends at a rapid pace. Businesses are racing to keep up on new ways to connect with their customers.

How is it changing? Businesses need to understand the future of marketing to predict any upcoming challenges. It is essential for businesses and any marketer to stay ahead of the trends and to embrace changes.

The list is focusing on the many ways to connect with your customers and to increase brand awareness.

Here is a list of…

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