Harnessing the Legacy of Heritage Brands // How to Build Staying Power Into Your Business

Quantum Identity Group
13 min readOct 3, 2023

By Von Grant // CMO // Creative Director // Quantum Identity Group

When numerous renowned brands experience meteoric rises only to later fade into oblivion (think Vine and MySpace), it is the ability to create a lasting legacy that truly sets a stellar brand apart. This is particularly true for heritage brands that have endured the test of time, skillfully adapting to emerging trends while remaining faithful to their core values. But how can these brands secure their longevity and continue to flourish in today’s competitive marketplace? Moreover, what valuable insights can they offer about constructing a brand with long-term success in mind?

Understanding the Concept of a Heritage Brand

A heritage brand is more than just a company with a long history (i.e., a brand with a heritage). It is a brand that has been able to maintain its